Public Theater unveils gorgeous new web site

Lots of theaters still don’t get that one of the ways the audience knows a theater produces works of art is that the theater’s web site is a work of art.

There’s no mystery here. The show before the show (and the one that determines whether the audience will ever get to the main show) is a theater’s brand – often largely channeled by the web site. If that pre show is good – if it’s really good – then maybe, just maybe, an audience member may decide to show up for the real show.

To flip this round, how likely is it that a theater can create unforgettable nights of drama when its web site looks like an artifact from a Smithsonian exhibit on “THE EARLY INTERNET”? It’s possible (especially for theatre artists of a certain age). But it’s not very likely. And at any rate younger audience members will be gone in not 60, but more like, five seconds. Poof.

The web site, then, becomes a proxy. And savvy audience members know how to save themselves a boatload of money and misery. “If the web site sucks…”

That simple.

Surrounded as we are by a sea of digital ugly, behold a true thing of rapturous beauty. The Public Theater has a new web site.

And if it’s any indicator of what’s coming up – you’re not gonna want to miss much this year down on Lafayette.

It can be this good.
It can be this good.