If you’ve got a star, use him

Tomorrow is opening night on Broadway for Robert Schenkkan’s ALL THE WAY, the first of a two part LBJ epic directed by OSF’s Bill Rauch. ALL THE WAY originated in Ashland in 2012 and will be followed this year by THE GREAT SOCIETY, which is part 2.

In the ever brutal world of cut price tickets in New York, it’s always interesting to see how the titles of shows get tarted up to attract interest. ALL THE WAY has already been at the booth for some time. In this case, Bryan Cranston’s name is front and center – even in front of the play!

Doesn’t necessarily bode well in terms of people’s interest in the larger LBJ story.

But hold on to your hats. An OSF show is opening on Broadway!

On Broadway, the star IS the play.
On Broadway, the star IS the play.