What will you pay? Portland theatre ticket prices are not necessarily what you would expect

What is something worth?

According to Adam Smith, whatever you will pay for it. And the higher the price, the more valuable the item, right?

It’s always interesting to survey the landscape and see what the audience is paying for different entertainment options – both within the theatre category and beyond. How does the customer assess the relative values of everything available on any given night? How do you decide what to buy, and where to go? Whether or not they reflect accurate underlying values, prices are undoubtedly an important piece of the decision process.

So what do theatre tickets cost in Portland? Here’s a very quick and unscientific sampling of recent shows.


Any surprises?

With a few exceptions, there’s less difference than you might expect in price between the biggest theatres and the smaller ones. Especially when you factor in the discounter Goldstar.com, where almost all PCS shows have been available this year for $20, it’s sometimes no more expensive to go to the very largest theatre than it is, say, to Coho.

A scatter plot of actual tickets sold would likely see a dense band around the $25 mark. This price point seems to be a divider of sorts.