ONE FLEA SPARE opens Feb 28 at Shaking the Tree

Next up at Shaking the Tree, Naomi Wallace’s widely produced and acclaimed play about plague-besieged London in 1665, ONE FLEA SPARE.

Wallace is an interesting figure. And though her most recent play, THE LIQUID PLAIN, produced last season as part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s US History Cycle, was near unwatchable, she has had a number of big successes, this being one of them.

With a stellar cast including Dave Bodin and Jacklyn Maddux, you can expect another memorable experience at one of the current leading lights in Portland’s Off Burnside theatre scene.

“In plague-ravaged 17th century London, a wealthy couple is quarantined in their home with a young girl and a sailor. Confined in such close quarters for 28 days, the only thing these strangers fear more than the Plague is each other. Tension, mistrust and a clash of cultural, social, and sexual boundaries rise to the surface in this fiercely intense dark comedy from Naomi Wallace.”

February 28 – March 22.