We warned you: Third Rail’s NOISES OFF is a sensation

Starting almost a year ago, our handy TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) has been cranking out advance announcements that a show of note was headed this way.

Not just any show. Something big. Really big. And REALLY funny.

And now this Titanic-sized vessel of comedy is no longer churning toward downtown Portland.

It’s here.

We gave you plenty of notice. But did you listen?

Yes, based on the close to full houses stacking up down at PDX 5 Performance Centres, more than a few of you did.

Despite Lloyd Dallas’s involvement, Third Rail’s NOISES OFF looks like a good old-fashioned hit poised to break company box office records. And as hits do, this one is playing at or near capacity.

You may not have had this type of audience experience in Portland before. Speaking of noise – 250 people completely losing their [redacted] while laughing is pretty loud.

So whatever you do, don’t miss out.

The show runs through January 11.

This big.  But not doomed to sink in the North Atlantic...
This big. But not doomed to sink in the North Atlantic…