You don’t have to go to London

Because London is coming to you.

That’s right. A piece of ye olde country’s theatrical splendor is scheduled to touch down here in Portland, Ore-gone imminently.

What, pray tell, is it of which we speakethst?

Why, ta da: NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn at Third Rail.

So set your watch, because the official farce clock is counting down.

It’s T-23 days…

Don’t just do something. Sit there (at your computer) and get a ferfrickering ticket!

Because while you’re twittering and liking and linking…

Crews are reinforcing walls down at the PCPA.

Security perimeters are being established.

Snipers are assuming rooftop positions.

Helmets are being donned.

Crowds are panic buying vegan tofu at New Seasons round the clock.

But they do that all the time…

In short. Shizzle is happening.

So prepare ye selves.

If you miss this – IF YOU MISS THIS – there will be blood.

Don’t miss this.

Austin Powers voice: "Welcome to London, England, baby!  YEAH!"
Austin Powers voice: “Welcome to London, England, baby! YEAH!”