My kingdom for a weekend

Here it comes. O’er yon hillside – the weekend.

Theatre weather (i.e., dark, wet, windy) is back. So how convenient there is some theatre to go with it.

Newly liberated from Edward Snowden’s hard drive, here’s a top secret guide to where the action shall be this weekend

It’s closing weekend for one of the leading pleasures to date in the 2013-14 theatre season, Shaking The Tree’s production of WILDE TALES. In the small studio space on SE Stark, theatricality holds sway. A marvelous ensemble is making the most of some witty tales from Mr. Wilde. It’s a great show for adults and kids alike.

Over on SE Clinton, just within reach of the tracks in case you don’t want to interrupt your trainspotting, it’s Action/Adventure Theatre’s FALL OF THE BAND. What? You have not been to FOTB yet? Then you are missing one of the genuinely popular and “of the people” creations in town. It’s part sitcom, part soap opera, part music. And all fun. If you go Saturday night, stick around for Late Night WITH ALEX FALCONE afterwards.

Possibly the biggest event of the weekend is the opening of the latest show from PETE. That’s Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble’s SONG OF THE DODO. If you saw R3 at Headwaters last year, you know these people are onto something big. Yet another indicator that much of the most exciting theatre in Portland these days is in the smaller spaces.

Looking farther ahead…

Finally, from our TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) radar installation high on Mt. Hood, here’s a heads up for stuff you don’t want to miss next weekend.

Surely you know by now that Liminal is doing OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder at Headwaters? Miss this one and we will be forced to send plainclothes NSA staff to your house to rough you up and find out WTF. Or have Ted Cruz shut down the government. Don’t make us go to either place.

Next weekend is also the joyous occasion of Slingshot’s return to the PCS studio. What is Slingshot? It’s a fantastic comedy improv format with people who are so funny, disclosure of their identities is on a need to know basis ONLY. This time the show is BRINK OF EXTINCTION.

There you have it.