Up next: Reviews from Ashland, Seattle, New York

There’s a lull in the action in Portland, so it’s time to hit the road.

Next up: a number of new reviews from near and far.

First, there’s THE LIQUID PLAIN by Naomi Wallace at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which I saw last night. Commissioned as part of OSF’s US History Cycle project, this play is a nearly unwatchable shipwreck of ideas, styles and – other random stuff playwrights throw in when the story isn’t working. Like having poet William Blake dangle in a cage with his guts hanging out. Huh? It’s likely the weakest play yet to come out of OSF’s ambitious 10 year undertaking, has nothing to do with history, and is a highly questionable use of the famously tolerant and polite OSF audience’s time.

Then it’s north to Seattle to see what’s happening at Seattle Rep, where THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS is just closing and BO-NITA, which comes to Portland Center Stage early next year, is just starting. I missed BO-NITA at JAW a few years ago, but apparently it was an audience favorite. The show description contains the dreaded words “a dash of Midwest magic realism”, but I’m hoping this isn’t just another story about a genius early teen girl and her wacky Mom. Seen any plays like that recently? Also on tap will be that train wreck of musicals CARRIE at Balagan and THE WALWORTH FARCE at New Century Theatre.

Then it’s east to New York for a theatre marathon:

Lincoln Center Theater – MACBETH by Bill Shakes starring Ethan Hawke
THE GLASS MENAGERIE by Tom Williams on Broadway
Soho Rep – MARIE ANTOINETTE by David Adjmi
RICHARD III with Mark Rylance
TWELFTH NIGHT with Mark Rylance
Manhattan Theatre Club – THE SNOW GEESE by Sharr White
Lincoln Center Theater – DOMESTICATED by Bruce Norris
Primary Stages – THE MODEL APARTMENT by Donald Margulies