Will Eno heads for Broadway with THE REALISTIC JONESES

Will Eno, author of some of the most interesting and original plays on the American scene in recent years, is headed for Broadway next year.

Are throngs of tourists in Times Square ready to digest (along with that super size pretzel and bag of burned chestnuts) the metaphysical desperation and loneliness that reign supreme on planet Eno?

We’ll find out.

The play is THE REALISTIC JONESES, a story about two suburban couples adrift in Eno’s typical blend of the particular and universal cosmos of existential meaning, and is directed by Sam Gold. The world premiere last year at Yale Rep was extremely enjoyable and featured Tracy Letts and Parker Posey in the cast. While actor/playwright Letts (who, assuming he can’t dance and sing, must be one of the the most dangerous double threats in American theatre history) is coming along with the new production, the other three cast members will be new.

Eno’s previous play TITLE AND DEED was produced by Signature Theatre and featured Ireland’s standout actor Conor Lovett (of GARE ST LAZARE PLAYERS) in the solo role.

Eno’s work has been championed in Portland by Our Shoes Are Red / The Performance Lab. And his marvelous MIDDLETOWN was workshopped at JAW several years ago.

Mercifully, this immensely talented playwright has thus far avoided the artistic cul de sacs of as-the-grass-grows hyper realism, dumb-n-dumber anti drama, and wacky/wistful “magical realism” that suck in (and paralyze) so many of his contemporary writers in the American theatre.

Eno is the real deal.

But is Broadway ready?

The Great White Way meets Mr. Eno.
The Great White Way meets Mr. Eno.