5 Useless Degrees & A Bottle of Scotch are anything but useless | Weekly podcast raves and rants about Portland theatre

Will wonders never cease.

New sources of commentary on Portland theatre are popping out of the hedge faster than Republican demands for more concessions.

The latest “discovery” (for me): 5 Useless Degrees & A Bottle of Scotch. These guys are priceless. I somehow missed the output of this intrepid duo (trio counting Haggis), which have been doing what they do for about a year now, until Barry Johnson’s piece on how much the Scotch-laden critics hated DETROIT at Portland Playhouse.

You’ve probably known about them for months. If you are not listening to these two in their weekly Thursday podcast, you are missing A LOT of fun. In a nutshell, James and Eric are two sharp, theatre savvy guys (those degrees) who see one play a week and then subject it to merciless dissection while under the influence of Scotch. Sounds fun to do, right? It’s even more fun to listen to.

And it is SUCH a needed blast of fresh air. With no involvement or investment in the theatre scene, these two simply talk and crack wise. Bit of a difference from the typical tiptoeing thru the tulips approach you’ll find in a lot of critical coverage. Instead of beating round the bush, the two detonate zingy one liners. Boom. Highly entertaining.

The stoic delivery, the palpable outrage, the bon mots – these guys have it all. And some weeks, it’s the best show in town.

So tune in and batten down the hatches.

Yes, they publish a forward calendar of shows they are reviewing next.
Yes, they publish a forward calendar of shows they are reviewing next.