It should be simple and fast to see what’s at the booth

A good UI… a good UI.

My kingdom for a good UI (user interface).

When you go online in search of something, you should be able to find the info instantly.

Yet instead of simply giving you the info, more than a few web sites first lead you this way and that, Hansel & Gretel style, on the path through the forest. Greetings and exhortations to “click here for the info you actually want!” or “click here if you would like to receive some info some day by email!” abound along the way.

But the info itself done gone missing.

While dramatic buildup in a show is great, when it comes to web sites, scrap the suspense. Don’t make the user wait or develop an Increbile Hulk-sized clicker finger. There are no second acts when it comes to poor online experience. So give your visitor all the info they want in one viewshed. Right there. Right now. First thing. Bam. When they arrive.

Think of it as IOA (Info On Arrival). What if all the info you needed was right there when the site loaded?

A great example of the perfect display is TDF’s list of shows on sale in New York City. You’ve probably waited in line at the famous red TKTS booth near Times Square. But did you know that if you’re a member of TDF you can buy those same discounted tickets online in advance (and skip the dreaded “Plays Only” line)?


You login and right there is the answer to your question: “What’s on sale?”

What else could you want, need, or hope for?


What's on sale in New York.
What’s on sale in New York.