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If you like to go to the theatre but feel that price is an issue, that is less and less of an issue in Portland.

Ticket prices, already gravely low compared to other comparable entertainment options around town, are now being routinely slashed by more than 50% on industrial national ticket discounter (you’ll need to create a free login to view the page for Portland shows).

While rock bottom prices don’t bode well for ongoing sustainability of the art form (and may undercut the logic of subscribing to a theare’s entire season in advance), they do mean you can take advantage of some unheard of deals in the short term.

What’s on offer right now?

THE MOUNTAINTOP at Portland Center Stage – $20 (down from $50)
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at Portland Center Stage – $30 (down from $71)
MISTAKES WERE MADE at Artists Rep – $19 (down from $38)
THE SUBMISSION at defunkt – $12.50 (down from $25)
DAY OF THE DEAD at Milagro – $11 (down from $22)

If those ridiculously low prices don’t get you to go – you ain’t gonna go.

So keep your eye on Goldstar.

Where it’s cheap.

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