FALL OF THE BAND (season 2) opens Oct 24 at Action/Adventure

Where’s all the action and adventure these days in Portland theatre?

Quite often, it’s at Action/Adventure.

The small and scrappy SE theatre dynamo has been keeping it real for more than a few years now and is firmly ensconced in their new digs on SE Clinton (where they guarantee a train will pass during every show AND, in an emerging tradition, that performers will always improvise a line around it).

This year it’s take 2 on FALL OF THE BAND. What’s been happening with that legendary band on the Portland scene, Ghost Dad? You’ll have to show up and find out. There are five episodes to work out this year’s saga. The drama will no doubt be operatic in scale.

So be there.

And trainspot during the show.

You know you want to.

bands, trains, and beer - OH MY!  Photo: Pat Moran.
Bands, trains, and beer – OH MY! Photo: Pat Moran.


Kyle Acheson, Cristina Cano, Sam De Roest, Devon Granmo, Nick Fenster, Katie Michels, David Saffert, and Natalie Stringer. Featuring: Talon Bigelow, Jade Hobbs, Melissa Murray, and Chip Sherman.

Production Team:

Director: Aubrey Jessen

Assistant Director: Patrick Moran

Stage Manager: Kira Atwood-Younstrom

Lighting Design: Kaye Blankenship

Sound Design: Devon Granmo & Noah Dunham

Properties: Bri Pruett

Music Director: Cristina Cano

Action/Adventure is Noah Dunham, Laura Fraley, Erin Giblin, Devon Granmo, Greg Heaton, Pat Mora, Bri Pruett, and Greta West. A not-for-profit Portland-based performance collective Action/Adventure collaborates and experiments with local artists of varied disciplines and actively engages and cultivates a new audience base. Action/Adventure strives to broaden Portland’s supportive artistic network and create work that is inspiring, relevant, and speaks to the universal and the local experience.