A new Portland theatre reviewer on the scene – Patrick Brassell at Broadway World

In a world of ever dwindling critical coverage, and in a town where good-natured boosterism often passes for a review (and some critics simply don’t have a negative review in the toolbox), there is a new and interesting voice on the scene.

It is Patrick Brassell at Broadway World. Patrick appears to be calling them as he sees them. His style is simple and direct. And he is writing not for an academic journal – but for the audience. Remember them? Audience members want to know relatively quickly whether something is worth the investment of their time and money. Just give it to me straight up – brief backstory, some detail, and then your assessment. All in a few paragraphs. And done.

Make his stream part of your daily read.

SWEET AND SAD at Third Rail – “This is a phenomenal cast in a wonderful play, adroitly staged and unforgettable. Go see the show, and bring along your loved ones. You can all have dinner together afterwards and talk about it.”

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at PCS – “Long but moving.”

THE MOUNTAINTOP at PCS – “THE MOUNTAINTOP is a diffcult climb.”

And many more…