First notice: GOING ON by Kristen Olson-Huddle opens Sep 26 at Headwaters

Our radar has been busy tracking Headwaters events.

If you missed the recent run of DIARY OF A MADMAN, here comes another interesting piece.

Going On

Written and performed by Kristin Olson-Huddle

Directed by Debbie Lamedman

Olson-Huddle’s parents die in an unusual accident when she is young. As she grows up, she struggles with her grief. Years later, her heart breaks in a way that she thought it never could again, and reveals unresolved grief. At that point in her life, she gains the skills and finds the support to figure it all out.

Going On, Olson-Huddle’s solo performance piece, takes us on the emotional roller coaster of loss and healing. From local Portland landmarks, to the essence of her unusual circumstances of her childhood, Olson-Huddle’s portrayal of characters transports us and illuminates the powerful journey of grief, growing up, and going on.

The Headwaters Theater
55 NE Farragut

THU 9/26 | 7:30pm
FRI 9/27 | 7:30pm
SAT 9/28 | 7:30pm
SUN 9/29 | 2:00pm

THU 10/3 | 7:30pm
FRI 10/4 | 7:30pm
SAT 10/5 | 7:30pm
SUN 10/6 | 2:00pm

$10+fee online
$12 at the door

Opens September 26.
Opens September 26.