Numbers game

Think you see a lot of theatre?

You’re going to have to get up pretty early in the morning and stay up pretty late at night to see more performances in a year than Portland theatre goer extraordinaire Kay Olsen.

You know Kay.

Because if you have ever attended a performing arts event in Portland – ever – she was there.

Every time.

How many shows does Kay see? Here’s the stats from the last few years.

Her year runs from Sep 1 thru Aug 31.

# shows per year

2006 = 210
2007 = 231
2008 = 259
2009 = 294
2010 = 328
2011 = 366
2012 = 355
2013 = 374

That’s right, 2013 was an all time record and she averaged more than one a day.

And something else that’s incredible? She probably volunteered at most of those.

Kay’s not slowing down, and arts watchers up and down the west coast fully expect the 400 barrier to fall sometime soon…