Mike Daisey’s 29 night theatre ultramarathon ALL THE FACES OF THE MOON starts Sep 5 at Public Theater

29 nights in a row.

One performer.

A new full length show every night.

Who else would take on such a monstrous challenge – other than the original theatre endurance athlete:

Mike Daisey

Use code DAISEY for $20 tickets.


Schedule of shows

Sept 5 – Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

Sept 6 – The Fool Who Walks Through Walls

Sept 7 – The Magician and the Fish

Sept 8 – She’s the High Priestess to You, Jack

Sept 9 – Mercury Is a Messenger Who Will Not Wait

Sept 10 – The Empress Holds Her Cards Close

Sept 11 – The Naked Emperor Is Still Laughing

Sept 12 – Venus Is a Star Who Gets What She Wants

Sept 13 – The Hierophant Plays It Loose

Sept 14 – The Lovers Struggle To Take What They Want

Sept 15 – Your Chariot Awaits, My Sweet

Sept 16 – Mars Is a Soldier Whose Hands Are Red

Sept 17 – That Hideous Strength

Sept 18 – The Hermit Stands at the Turn of the River

Sept 19 – This Is How We Make Our Fortune

Sept 20 – Our Justice Runs on a Tilted Table

Sept 21 – Jupiter Is a King Who Never Came Back

Sept 22 – A Hanged Man Knows How To Bluff

Sept 23 – The Untitled

Sept 24 – Temperance Under the Gun

Sept 25 – The Devil Always Plays to a Draw

Sept 26 – Paying the Rent in the Tower of Song

Sept 27 – Saturn Is a Father Devouring His Children

Sept 28 – If You Wish Upon a Star You Will Regret It

Sept 29 – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Sept 30 – The Sun Is a Blind and Burning Thing

Oct 1 – A Flaw in Your Judgment

Oct 2 – The World Is More Than We Will Ever Know

Oct 3 – Last Call