How does the audience decide? Introducing… the Daily Pick

How, from every possible available activity you COULD engage in tonight in Portland, do you pick the one and only thing you actually WILL do?

Yes, technically, you can do more than one thing in a night.

But most people, if they’re going to go out, pick a single destination.

How do you decide? How do you process?

How do you find the time to scan all genres (music, art, film, theatre, readings, fairs, other happenings) to monitor, sift and filter for that one event you will vote for?

If there were an iPhone app logarithm for this process, we’d have yet another 26 year old billionaire running around. Because it is still much, much harder than it should be to decide.

This is the nut everyone is trying to crack. If you’re an audience member, you are looking for that one thing. If you are a performer or producer, you want yours to be that one thing that clicks into everyone’s radar.

From the competing welter and din of calendar listings, emails, ads, planes trailing banners – how do you pick that one thing?

Introducing… the daily pick.

For tonight, it’s Bach’s B Minor Mass at the Schnitz – grand finale of the Oregon Bach Fest, and Artistic Director Helmut Rilling’s final performance.

The daily pick.
The daily pick.