In the midst of meltdown, 2013 Dublin Theatre Festival announces soaring programme

It would be an understatement to say these are tough times in the Republic of Ireland.

Five years on after the 2008 financial catastrophe, the economy is still a smoking crater. Irish people are voting with their feet and leaving for Australia, Canada, or anywhere else work is available. Meanwhile, the types of political reforms that came to other countries (like Iceland) in the wake of the meltdown, and worked, have yet to wash ashore in Dublin. Crippling debt payments to “the Germans” (as EC bank bureaucrats are known) are siphoning off billions of Euro from the state that could otherwise be used to build a new future.

Here’s a good background piece by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair on the mess.

But in the midst of mayhem, the theatre carries on. And the recently announced programme for the 2013 Dublin Theatre Festival under new director Willie White is hugely, vastly impressive.

Here’s a run through by Peter Crawley in Irish Theatre Magazine.

Some highlights:

Gate Theatre – A new Mark O’Rowe translation of THE THREE PENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht.

Actors Touring Company – THE EVENTS by David Greig, a new play that will premiere shortly before DTF at Edinburgh.

TheEmergencyRoom – Brilliant artist Olwen Fouere performs riverrun, her take on the voice of the river in Joyce’s FINNEGANS WAKE.

Gare St Lazare Players – WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett. Featuring virtuoso performer Conor Lovett (seen in Portland at TBA).

The Corn Exchange – DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS by Eugene O’Neill. Helmed by American Annie Ryan, The Corn Exchange is a superb outfit. Seeing what they do with this shocking classic should be interesting.

Rough Magic – THE CRITIC by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. A mainstay company on the Irish scene since 1984.

Abbey Theatre – THE HANGING GARDENS by Frank McGuinness. World premiere.


And a LOT more.

It’s all happening September 26 – October 13 in dear, dirty Dublin.

So get there.

Get ye to 2013 DTF.
Get ye to 2013 DTF.