You look marvelous

And to help you look additionally marvelous, here’s a great summer offer just for you from Portland theatre photographer Owen Carey.

You’ve seen his work everywhere, and you know how good it is.

Here’s a nice testimony on his headshots:

“As a director, I immediately noticed how Owen’s headshots stood out from the rest. You get the essence of the actor, something that resonates. You see it. You can feel it. His photos are every bit as good as the best in LA or NYC. As an actor shooting with Owen, I found that he has an incredible eye for detail and a willingness to explore, which allowed me to do the same. The result were stunning headshots. He found the real characters that live inside me. You won’t get overly “pretty” shots that misrepresent your look and he doesn’t rely on the same pose and lighting set-up for every actor — his pictures illuminate the actor, not the photographer.”

Tommy Harrington, director, actor

Need some new headshots? Now’s the time.

The best.
The best.