The web means the death of print, right?

Depends on what you mean by print.

If you mean the actual paper artifact – possibly.

But if you mean the print style of navigation and user interaction, not at all.

The rich interactive experience of leafing through a physical publication like Vogue or Adbusters or Artslandia remains the ultimate user experience, and cannot be beat online.

But it can be matched.


By using digital platforms like that allow users to leaf through pages of dazzling content.

Sounds obvious right?

And yet the practice of emailing people Word docs, PDFs, or links to other unbeautiful online content is alive and well.

Why do that, when you can create visual masterpieces like this programme for Dublin’s Project Arts Centre?

The medium is the message.

And the show begins before the show.

It begins the moment the audience gets that first email about the show with a link to click to learn more.

What will they see?

The beautiful online user experience that is's digital platform.
The beautiful online user experience that is’s digital platform.