First previews of CLYBOURNE PARK by Bruce Norris at PCS this weekend

If you’re the type that just can’t wait, the first chance to glimpse number one of the final “big three” shows closing out the 2012-13 season at PCS is this weekend.

The first preview for CLYBOURNE PARK, the hilariously funny and decidedly un-PC Pulitzer Prize winner by one Bruce Norris (ever heard of him?), is Saturday night.

Note that there is also a preview in the beloved but rarely used (at least in Portland) Sunday night slot. A Sunday night preview of CLYBOURNE PARK on the big stage? Could there be a better way to close out the weekend? Don’t think so.

The show opens with full trumpet fanfare next Friday, April 12. So put your seat belts on.

But there’s a bunch of performances between now and then.

“What is long and…”