Is this a weekend which I see before me?

Indeed, my liege.

And so.

We go.

To the theatah.

What’s on?

It’s a bit of an in between moment before the end of season onslaught kicks in. And it is gonna be an onslaught if you look ahead to April.

Also – this weekend every show in town is going to have to go up against the world’s biggest star.

Namely, the great fireball in the sky.

Hmmm.  Sit inside a dark space or...?
Hmmm. Sit inside a dark space or…?

It’s the time of the year when a blast of good weather sends people outside, and the theatre has to be better than ever if the pitch is to come inside instead.

But right now here’s what’s happening in the great indoors.

If you haven’t seen MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD by Helen Edmundson at Portland Playhouse, which is on through 4.14 (just extended a second time), that should be a priority. It’s a rewarding play in a small space with some terrific performances.

Meanwhile, back at the Armory… That rumbling sound you hear is not the Portland streetcar. It’s the heavy machinery of Slingshot being wheeled into place in the Ellen Bye Studio. Come join a galaxy of Portland improv and comedy peeps. Two different shows Friday and Saturday, so go both nights. A mere $15 in advance ($20 door). Tickets

And over at the inventive Post Five Theatre is ARABIAN NIGHTS by Mary Zimmerman directed by Philip Cuomo.

East Side Story.
East Side Story.