Playwrights Horizons sends email to subscribers explaining decision to produce THE FLICK by Annie Baker

Annie Baker has a new play at Playwrights Horizons in New York.

While the critical response has been good (50 words from pts), apparently the show is not for everyone. Audience members have been walking out and threatening to cancel their subscriptions.

The problem?

Nothing happens.

For three hours.

Of course, that’s not true. A lot happens.

And in drama even if something fails to happen – well, that is something happening.

But enough people have voiced their displeasure that AD Tim Sanford, in a highly unusual step, has sent an email to PH subscribers explaining why he chose to produce the play.

See the NYT story.

If there is any contemporary play that will rankle the “blue hair divide” (formerly known more politically as the generation gap), this one is it. Ironically, at issue is not sex or violence or other offensive material – but rather the absence of action. And. The. Long. Silences.

I would suspect this style does not work well for many older theatre goers.

The sign of a good play?  The audience revolts.
The sign of a good play? The audience revolts.