My, what a busy theatre season!

There is action and more ahead.

Here’s a few things to watch for.

On now is the engaging, exciting and truly outstanding ensemble effort over at Portland Playhouse, MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD by Helen Edmundson. It’s a season highlight and the kind of experience you only have in Portland’s smaller spaces.

Staying on the Portland Playhouse theme, on Wednesday (March 27) check out this very cool reading by Boom Arts: THE COLEMAN FAMILY’S OMISSION by Claudio Tolcachir.

Next weekend, two nights only (Friday and Saturday), some of Portland’s top comedy and improv talent invade the Ellen Bye Studio at the Armory in the second installment of Slingshot.

And a little farther ahead…

On April 5 & 6, a two night onslaught of storytelling from Back Fence PDX. First there is BUT WAIT, IT GETS WORSE | 5 TRUTHS AND A LIE at Mission Theater and then there is RUSSIAN ROULETTE at Disjecta. All the cool kids will be there.

Up next at PCS, the Pulitzer Prize from 2011 went to this play. It’s CLYBOURNE PARK by Bruce Norris, and you best tighten the seat belts, because Mr. Norris has been known to hit a few speed bumps – HARD. Starts April 6.

On Monday, April 8 it’s the annual Oregon Book Awards, produced by Literary Arts. The venue is the Armory. The connection? All around Portland literary awards gala night – and the Angus L. Bowmer Award for Drama is among the loot.

April 12-27, more from the Tasmanian devil of Portland improv, i.e., Bad Reputation Productions. Do these people ever sleep? Apparently not. This time they come in the form of The Aces at Theater! Theatre!

Also opening on April 12, the next production from Third Rail: THE ALIENS by Annie Baker. If you missed the recent post, see photos from the rehearsal room here.

And that gets us to mid April.

As always, see what’s on for a full listing of all upcoming events.