A good image tells it all

A good image tells it all.

If the medium is the web, it’s all about the image.

If the theatre is good, the image should be good.

It should be better than good. It should be great.

It should be unforgettable, unique, beautiful, terrifying, lovely – like the show. A drama unto itself.

What does a great image look like?

Photo: Gary Norman.
Photo: Gary Norman.

Ty Boice and Cassandra Schwanke.
Ty Boice and Cassandra Schwanke.

  Any questions?
Any questions?

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 8.39.47 AM

That series didn’t set out to be a Third Rail shrine, but I guess it kinda ended up that way…

We are visual critters, and images arrest.

If I’m biking down Hathorne, glance over and see one of the above shots on a billboard, chances are I’m gonna swerve, lose control, and crash through the front window of an organic, patchouli-based drum carving shop. That’s ok, it’s probably just a Portlandia set…

But that’s the goal. That’s what you want your images to do. Your images should MESS WITH PEOPLE’S HEADS.

In an effort to raise the overall profile of Portland theatre with our beloved audience and the wider world, I am going to be featuring more and more images. So send them in. If you have amazing promo photos of your show, send them in.

Also, I hope to take more photos of events, rehearsals, audiences, spaces, opening nights, and actual performances. So if any of those are things I can do at your upcoming show, please let me know.

Images pull people in and get them interested. And that’s the first step in convincing our precious audience to vote their time and money and decide to attend a live performance event in Portland.

And remember, people just love to see photos of people they know doing crazy stuff.

Exhibit A:

"If this ain't trouble, it'll do until trouble gets here." NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.  Chris Murray lowers the wrecking ball at the 2008 Drammy Awards.
“If this ain’t trouble, it’ll do until trouble gets here.” NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Chris Murray lowers the wrecking ball at the 2008 Drammy Awards.