Weekend picks

The age old question: what’s on?

Here’s a few ideas.

Post5 Theatre – MACBETH by Bill Shakes
Profile Theatre – BLOOD KNOT by Athol Fugard
PCC Sylvania – BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward
Well Arts – A WALL IS A ROAD
Lewis & Clark College – 4.48 PSYCHOSIS by Sarah Kane
Portland Playhouse – MOTHER TERESA IS DEAD by Helen Edmundson
Well Arts – IT TAKES TWO

If you go to see 4.48 PSYCHOSIS (highly recommended) at Lewis and Clark on Saturday night, check out the pre show panel discussion.

Cultural Construction of Otherness
Saturday March 16
Fir Acres Black Box Theater

Sarah Kane’s play 4:48 Psychosis delves into questions of otherness and its representation in our culture. What are the signs we use to telegraph an individual’s seperation from social and cultural norms? How do we represent otherness in our art and our culture and how does this representation begin to define what otherness is? This panel will focus on the different ways that our culture represents, understands and constructs otherness.


Tom Schoeneman, Professor of Psychology, Lewis and Clark College


Reiko Hillyer, Assistant Professor of History, Lewis and Clark College
Rishona Zimmring, Associate Professor of English, Lewis and Clark College
Rebecca Lingafetler, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Lewis and Clark College