Lauren Weedman is a sell out

Meaning – when she performs, it tends to sell out.

Especially when the space is as small as the Ellen Bye Studio at Portland Center Stage.

And god said: Let there be laughter.  And behold - there was.  Lots and lots of it.
And god said: Let there be laughter. And behold – there was. Lots and lots of it.

As spring shows signs of springing, one of the most exciting shows of the the 2012-13 season in Portland is quietly, stealthily approaching.

THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF PORTLAND opens at PCS on April 23. And for almost two months – TWO MONTHS PEOPLE!!! – Portlanders will be able to enjoy one of the best acts on the planet. Right here.

Somewhere, at this very moment, Lauren Weedman is in her secret underground comedy lab with a welding visor on, blow torching new material. The sparks are flying – but they’re REALLY gonna fly when this woman takes the stage.

If you’ve seen Weedman before, you know. Perhaps you were one of the 500 or so packed into the main stage at PCS this summer for the JAW performance of REPUBLIC. Or maybe you caught her at Disjecta in November for the sold out run of NO…YOU SHUT UP. Or maybe you saw her several years back in BUST at PCS.

She is as good as it gets. Anywhere, any time. How is it that we Portlanders are able to see a performer this good, this close up? Stop asking so many questions and just be there.

It just is. It’s like THAT. And it’s like THIS. And it’s like – POW! Weedman is going to knock your socks to Gresham. Or possibly Troutdale.

So don’t wait: Walk, run, bicycle, hula hoop or skateboard down to the PCS box office pronto before they have to hire security guards to beat back the rioting masses, and GET YOUR TICKETS!

UPDATE: The show has already been extended twice – and tickets are moving briskly.

This graphic is so you can't say later - "Oh, I had no idea it would sell out."  It is definitely going to sell out.
Meanwhile, back at the box office…