Third Rail brings all time classic British farce NOISES OFF to Portland next year

Third Rail Repertory Theatre announced their 8th season this week, and among other exciting shows on the roster is all time hall of fame favorite NOISES OFF by Michael Frayn.

A story of a regional British theatre production gone badly off the rails, NOISES OFF was about 14 years ahead of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. Both create delightfully wicked comedy from theatre people gone wild. But NOISES OFF would have to rank as the grand daddy of this genre.

With their penchant for British antics, Third Rail is the perfect Portland company to bring this insanely funny play to a big audience downtown. “Upping the ante” (Christopher Guest veiled reference), the show plays in the prime December slot when holiday spirits are already sky high. It is sure to be one of next season’s highlights.

One can only hope the walls of the Winningstad Theater are properly sound-proofed to contain the din that will ensue.

Just in case a quiet version of RED, WHITE AND BLAINE happens to be playing upstairs at the same time…

People – prepare to laugh.

London comes to Portland next December at Third Rail.
NOISES OFF at the Old Vic last year. London comes to Portland next December at Third Rail.