THESE STREETS at ACT tackles forgotten history of Seattle’s women rockers during grunge era

“The future of rock ’n’ roll belongs to women.” -Kurt Cobain

Get your tickets and ear plugs now.

Well, you may be able to get ear plugs later.

But when it comes to tickets for THESE STREETS, the new show at ACT by Gretta Harley, Sarah Rudinoff, and Elizabeth Kenny that traces the story of Seattle’s female grunge pioneers – those may be harder to come by.

THESE STREETS opens February 21 at Seattle's ACT Theatre.
THESE STREETS opens February 21 at Seattle’s ACT Theatre.

With the mind-, record- and bank balance-breaking era of Seattle’s grunge ground zero moment now 20 years astern, the inevitable retrospectives are popping up.

You probably know all about the band some guy from Aberdeen started. If you don’t, go find out what that noise is at EMP.

But do you know about 66 Saints, 7 Year Bitch, Bell, Capping Day, Danger Gens, Faster Tiger, Flood, The Gits, Hammerbox, Incredible Force of Junior, Kristen Barry, Maxi Badd – and more?

Do you know the story of Seattle’s female rock pioneers?

With the help of several key figures from the era, ACT is preparing to unload the kind of home grown theatre project that has all the makings of a run away hit.

There’s a great story about the grand undertaking in City Arts here.