Large arts organizations in town are vulnerable – Christopher Stowell leaves Oregon Ballet Theatre

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11.29 18:30 Oregon Ballet Theatre faces unclear future following artistic director’s resignation
11.29 15:00 Portland’s arts leaders react to Christopher Stowell’s resignation from Oregon Ballet Theatre
11.29 15:00 Christopher Stowell reached many artistic highs during his tenure at Oregon Ballet Theatre
11.29 7:00 Oregon Ballet Theatre loses artistic director Christopher Stowell to mid-season resignation
11.28 10:43 Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Christopher Stowell to resign Dec. 31

Portland Monthly:

11.29 Q&A: OBT’s Christopher Stowell on Leaving the Ballet
11.28 Christopher Stowell Resigns from the Ballet

“To me, diminishing the artistic content is a recipe for futher decline. We all have to right-size ourselves, but this sounds drastic. Supposedly we are one of the cultural leaders in the country, but our arts organizations are run so close to the edge. Why isn’t Nike proud to sponsor the ballet and the symphony and so on? Everybody gets to do with their money what they want to do, I get that, but a sign of a great city is to be proud of its ballet company.”

-BodyVox Artistic Director Jamey Hampton on OregonLive