HOW TO STOP DYING by Noah Dunham at Action/Adventure opens May 7

Next up from the fun machine on SE Clinton, aka, Action/Adventure.


Written and Directed by Noah Dunham

May 7-30

Thurs – Sat at 8 PM

How to Stop Dying is a play in two acts. An ensemble driven comedy that explores the themes of death, loss, immortality, and paranormal activity. The project has been in development since October 2014 as Noah Dunham and his cast worked together to research themes, build story lines, and develop characters. What has come out of a five month devising & workshopping process is the story of a cynical Executive Producer (Sarah) whose recent loss of her father has led her and her Ghost Hunting reality show into the deep back country of eastern Oregon. Their reasoning? A recent submission from the owner of a funeral services company (Franklin Pine), who claims to have caught a real ghost on camera. A ghost that greatly resembles Sarah’s recently deceased father. Needless to say, this funeral home might be up to more than just burying the recently passed in rural Oregon.

Movement, music, and contemporary musings on the themes of death and loss will take center stage in this energetic and irreverent production that will have it’s World Premiere at Action/Adventure.

Starring: Nicole Accuardi, Katie Behrens, Matthew Dieckman, Jade Hobbs, James Luster, Gerrin Mitchell, and Evan Ward.



interview: Noah Dunham – Action/Adventure Theatre

For the second in our weekly interview series, we check in with Action/Adventure Theatre member Noah Dunham. Originally founded in 2007 by Tamara Carroll, Sabra Choi, Devon Granmo, Steve Granmo, Aubrey Jessen and Miranda King, Action/Adventure has produced 10 shows, including the wildly popular serial improv comedy FALL OF THE HOUSE, which ran for three years before closing in 2009. This year they have more than ever on their plate, including a new series FALL OF THE BAND, which opens October 26.

Are you ready, Portland? FALL OF THE BAND. Natalie Stringer, Kyle Acheson, Devon Granmo, Sam De Roest, David Saffert, Cristina Cano. Photo: Aaron Cronan.

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