RECENT TRAGIC EVENTS by Craig Wright at Harlequin Productions – Olympia, WA

Wright’s core concerns of fate, inevitability, human meaning in face of cosmic indifference fresh as ever. His forecast of an endless deluge of terror now looks quite prescient. Amateur level of acting keeps show from attaining the wry humor and cool contemporary chill it is capable of. Impressive audience support.

Thru Oct 24

Harlequin Productions
Olympia, WA

50 words: MISTAKES WERE MADE by Craig Wright at Artists Rep

Putting it all on the (phone) line. One of the weaker scripts in the Wright drawer, this solo conversation can only work with a gigantic force onstage to drive the madness. Mendelson not the right physical type, and sledding grows heavy. Necessary seediness, desperation, and grit missing. Wandering, artificial accent.


Thru October 27

Theater Review | Bigger not always better: GRACE by Craig Wright on Broadway (New York)

If you believe all your theatre company needs to create great work is more money, a better venue, and some bigger names – think again.

Unforgettable theatrical experiences – for both the audience and cast members – are often the product of two simple ingredients: vision and passion. And maybe one more: an intimate space.

Such was the case in the fall of 2007 when Third Rail produced its third play by company favorite Craig Wright.

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