10 OUT OF 12 by Anne Washburn at Soho Rep

Occasionally convincing argument for ongoing irrelevance of theatre. Not without magical moments and very funny commentary via the headsets audience members wear to listen in on tech crew’s commentary in this backstage comedy, self referential work is too much inside baseball. Familiar mistaking of really existing reality for significant content.

Thru July 5

Lost in the wilderness | MR. BURNS: A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY by Anne Washburn at Portland Playhouse

Perils of institutionalization on display. When cute and clever triumph, audience loses. Based on first half, easily the worst show I have ever seen at Portland Playhouse. A slight, disposable play made considerably worse by awkward staging, environmental challenges, thrown together feel. Artifact of deadly new self-regarding Portland. Naked emperor.

Thru June 7

Mr. Burns is back in town for some post-electric fun

It would be hard to miss the beautiful imagery all over town for the upcoming show at Portland Playhouse.

But in case you have – here you go.

This is that “show before the show” we love so much. A poster you might actually want to take down and steal.

Don’t do that.

But do appreciate how good it looks.

MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY by Anne Washburn opens May 16 at Portland Playhouse.