You know HUGHIE, right?  That small but great play Eugene O’Neill wrote late in life, in between all those big but great plays.  On that old desk in Tao House above.

You don’t?  Huh.

Somehow most people do not know this brilliant one act story of a downtrodden cheeseball gambler and teller of tales, Erie Smith.  Which is unfortunate.

But for Portlanders a chance to fill this gap in your repertoire is coming up soon.  Imago stages HUGHIE for two weeks starting Labor Day.

And center stage as Erie, a man born for the role – Todd Van Voris.

O’Neill wrote better gangster slang that Quentin Tarantino, and the lingo in this play is a world unto itself.  So get wise to the game and get a ticket before they’re gone like yesterday’s race tips.  Gene don’t roll no phoneys.  And the gambler Erie Smith is a character for all time.

Sep 2-18 at Imago Theatre