#DumpSite at Seattle Immersive Theatre sells out… and extends… and sells out AGAIN… and extends AGAIN

Ready for your immersive experience? #DumpSite.
Ready for your immersive experience? #DumpSite delivers.

As you may know, we have a highly sophisticated TEWS (Theatre Early Warning System) that we bought on one of those military surplus sites. Better it fell into our hands than the PDX Police Department’s arsenal.

With the benefit of this ingenious technology, which gives ample and early warning of good things on the horizon (even when they are still months or years in the future), we are able to put the word out well in advance when we see something coming up you should know about. The whole point is to make sure you don’t miss something.

We like to think we have a pretty good track record of making early calls about upcoming blockbuster shows.

Let’s review.

We called this one six months out. (Third Rail’s NOISES OFF in December 2013)

And this one eight months out. (The double shot of ALL THE WAY and THE GREAT SOCIETY by Robert Schenkkan at Seattle Rep in December 2014)

And this one. (The original installment of Lauren Weedman’s THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF PORTLAND in April 2013)

And this one. (Soho Rep’s production of OCTOROON by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins in March 2014)

All those shows went on to be sell out sensations – several setting all time box office records.

Ok, ok. On the last one, point taken. It doesn’t take a fancy machine and a roomful of quant jockey geniuses to predict that a show at Soho Rep is going to sell out.


But still.

We don’t steer you wrong. Do we?

We have a history of being able to call them in advance. In fact, until I find some evidence to the contrary I will hereby strengthen the claim and say: We have never yet been wrong on one of these.

Now we’re not saying that our global media presence itself makes these shows successful. We’re saying we know what the audience likes. And so when we see something coming that is going to shower shock and awe of the dramatic kind over the landscape (i.e., become a hit) – we sound the alarm.

Well, lo and behold. We have been right YET AGAIN.

Way, way back in March, more than a month before the show even opened, we warned you that something insanely interesting was coming up at Seattle Immersive Theatre.

And then after we saw the show not once but twice we have pretty much been beating the drum incessantly ever since. Because that is what we do when there is theatre too good and original and exciting to miss.

Did you listen? Someone did. Because the original month long run of this fantastic live experience SOLD OUT. So they extended it another week. And that SOLD OUT in a matter of days. So they just extended it ANOTHER week.

You see where this is going, yeah?

We hope one place it is going for you is Seattle – where the show is. So this is yet another bang of the gong to let you know a theatre event of regional significance – a show that is so good it will make you LOVE live performance with all of its unlimited possibilities for storytelling and dramatic structure like never before – is going on RIGHT NOW just a ways north of PDX. It’s on through June 20.

But only the last three dates have tickets left. And that won’t last.

Now you might choose to wait and delay longer. You might do that. And when you do that, you’ll find that all dates have sold out. And then you could email producer Paul Thomas and beg and plead with him to let you in. And he probably will.

Or you could just be a responsible adult and go right now to buy some tickets.

Now. Moving on. And looking ahead.

Have you been paying attention to another open call we have out there? The one about the upcoming world premiere of SWEAT by Lynn Nottage at Oregon Shakespeare Festival on August 2?

That’s right, a world premiere by one of America’s baddest ass playwrights. Right here in Oregon. That one is now only two months away.

You’ve already got your tickets, yeah?

Don’t be that guy or gal who has to explain to the grandkids how, yes, you knew there was a new Lynn Nottage play premiering in Oregon, but somehow you decided not to go. Because there was hair to wash and dogs to walk.

Grandkids aren’t very understanding of their grandparents’ mistakes.

When it’s good, they – the audience – need it. They want it. They’ve gotta have it. They crave the real thing.

So check out #DumpSite and #SweatOSF and glory in the otherworldly power of live theatre.