“Do you tell mom that you maybe think dad murdered some people in the 1980s?” | DUMP SITE by Julia Nardin at Seattle Immersive Theatre runs thru June 7

The location is a secret (it’s somewhere in Seattle’s SoDo), the story is murky, and you will be wearing a mask. A mask that looks like a bird’s beak.

There’s a washed up horror writer, his sister, their recently deceased father, a missing teen (or six), boxes full of… something, and the drip drip dripping, moss-covered woods of the Pacific Northwest.

And that’s about all you’re going to know before you embark on the latest interactive experience from Seattle Immersive Theatre. The company’s DUMP SITE by Julia Nardin opened last night in an undisclosed Seattle warehouse.

Forget TWIN PEAKS 2. Get your PNW gothic needs met right here.

We could tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you. And given that numerous people have already been killed, what with opening the show and all, there just isn’t enough time right now to bury any more bodies.

Here’s a preview from CityArts. And there’s this trailer.

From now until June 7, around 20 people a night will be slowly admitted from a pop up speak easy lounge into an 8500 square foot space to learn the story of DUMP SITE.