Looking for somewhere cool to go this August? Try THE THREE SISTERS. As in the Chekhov play – not the wilderness area

While Portlanders may initially think of a stunning Central Oregon wilderness area when they hear the handle “Three Sisters”, there is also a certain Chekhov play by the same name. And it’s coming to town. According to a completely apocryphal but exciting legend, the wilderness area was actually named after the play. But that’s a whole ‘nother story…

Point being: There’s an all new translation of THE THREE SISTERS (the play) hitting the stage at Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble August 2-17. So load up the back pack, get out the compass, and find your way to this backcountry wilderness of words (and those pregnant Chekhovian pauses, of course) over at Reed College.


First three photos: Owen Carey

Three Sisters Pics 2

Three Sisters Pics 3

Three Sisters Pics

Two of the “other” three sisters – Middle and North. They have plenty of their own drama.