I will find you there

Opening night for DIARY OF A MADMAN at Headwaters was hot stuff.

Along the train tracks on NE Farragut, an eclectic crowd from all over the city and (inevitably in our globalized age) world assembled in the final glow of summer.

At this out of the way space, on the night before Portland’s largest performance festival kicks off (somewhere else), a close to full house was treated to a thoroughly compelling and unhinged performance by Miro Caltagirone and musicians Igor Stepniewski, Lew Caramella, and M.

If off the beaten path, non kitchen sink realism, and hand made is how your theatre mojo rolls…

If you seek out the small spaces where artists can take risks and actually say something…

Then this is the show for you.

Friday night is sold out.

So your last best chance to catch it is tonight (Thursday).

With an 8PM curtain and running at 75 minutes, there’s plenty of time to catch this tale of madness first and then bike cross town to The Julie Ruin, TBA’s opening night act at THE WORKS at 10:30 PM.

So come on, people.

Cowboy up.

And double down.