daily pick: BEFORE MIDNIGHT by Richard Linklater at Fox Tower

Who is one of America’s most exciting playwrights?

Hint: He’s a hunky dude from Texas who came of age in the 70’s.

No, not Rick Perry.

Richard Linklater.


But he’s a filmmmaker, you say.

Yes, but in the style of MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, Linklater makes some very talky films that could work just as well on the stage.

His latest work BEFORE MIDNIGHT, picking up where BEFORE SUNRISE and BEFORE SUNSET left off, features several marathon takes that are packed with words and beautifully theatrical.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that a slightly rusting, rounding, and rueful Ethan Hawke is on the scene – and man is he good. Julie Delpy is also stunning.

Related: Hawke is soon going to get another shot on the big, big stage. He’ll be doing the doomed Scottish king at Lincoln Center this coming season.

Is this a rock star which I see before me?
Is this a rock star which I see before me?