Isherwood fires back in “Baker-gate” flap

The theatre world doesn’t necessarily get to have its fair share of intergalactic shit storms. So we have to work with what’s available. The Playwrights Horizons drama around Annie Baker’s new play is providing some good entertainment though.

Honestly, how this gentle and probing play, which admittedly is not perfect (come ON, Annie, would you make it PERFECT next time!), somehow raises the ire of the same New York theatregoers who routinely let scores of horrendous specimens off the hook each season, when they should be out on the street in protest burning tires (BENGAL TIGER anyone? MoFo WITH A HAT???), is a mystery.

Charles Isherwood had to jump in.

They're watching us watching them watching...  Relax it's only three hours.
They’re watching us watching them watching us… Relax, it only goes on for three hours.