Public forum to discuss future of Theater! Theatre! building

Triangle productions Managing Director Don Horn along with Veerinder Chawla, owner of the Theater! Theatre! invite those interested in the future of the Theater! Theatre! building to attend an open forum conversation about this subject on February 23rd at 2 pm. It will be held at The Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza – 1785 NE Sandy Blvd.

Can there be a “win-win” at the Theater! Theatre! building? Don along with Myra Donnelley purchased/developed the now known Theater! Theatre! into a vibrant SE arts center.

Veerinder purchased the building back in 2005 and has retained the two theater spaces until now. In December 2012 Veerinder made a decision to close the two spaces mostly for financial and operational reasons to move his tea operations into one location.

This meeting is to have a open/honest conversation about if, now, there is opportunity to ‘rethink’ closing the spaces or continuing with the original decision.

Those are who are interested and affected by this should attend this forum. It is open to all public and press.