National Theatre of Scotland taking DUNSINANE by David Greig on tour

“Tell the men we’ll be in Scotland a little longer than expected.”

Thus speaks the English captain to his forces in 11th century Scotland (as imagined by David Greig), realizing that the effort to put down the wild northern peoples may last another, oh, thousand years or so?

To a contemporary audience of passionate Scots in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, or anywhere else National Theatre of Scotland tours in this land – which is everywhere – the line brings the house down.

Playwright David Greig has his finger on the nation’s pulse, and National Theatre of Scotland is taking DUNSINANE, his sensational MACBETH sequel epic, on a Scottish tour August thru October.

This is theatre worth traveling for.

Just a matter of time before DUNSINANE and the Scots invade North America.
Just a matter of time before DUNSINANE and the Scots invade North America.

Scotland is having its moment. A big one. And theatre is at the heart of it. Hyper aware of their own nationhood and the potential full independence from the UK that may or may not come pending a referendum scheduled for 2014, Scots are reimagining their history and future. The small country is awash in nationalism, the Scottish flag flies from every building, truck, and bridge, and all you have to do is walk down the street in any Scottish city to feel the popular ferment. It is ON. It is so on.

DUNSINANE premiered in an RSC production at the Hampstead Theatre in February 2010 and then received a successful run in Edinburgh in May 2011. Guardian review.

The saga follows the story of English forces trying to impose order on the restless and devious Scottish clans after the death of Macbeth. The parallels to the Middle East and indeed anywhere an Imperial invader has tried to beat down the natives are obvious. Greig’s narrative effortlessly tells a story that is both ancient and contemporary. This is epic theatre on a big stage. There will be blood, and death, and maidens. And riotous laughter. This is it.

Look for a US tour of DUNSINANE in the not too distant future.

And Oregon Shakespeare Festival, are you following this one? DUNSINANE on Ashland’s outdoor stage would bring it (and them, i.e., the audience) big time.

In the meantime, get ye to Scotland this summer and fall to see this incredible show in an unforgettable social context.