New 200-300 seat black box theatre coming to North Park Blocks in 2015

You probably know that the Pacific Northwest College of Art is slated to move into the old “Federal Building” (as the weathered sign on the facade says) on NW Broadway and Hoyt. The federal government gave the building to PNCA in 2008, and the wheels have been trundling along ever since.

At this point, as soon as the Department of Homeland Security clears out, which should be soonish (but they’re not the kind of group you rush), PNCA can start swinging the hammer on a $30 million renovation program that will turn the faded (but beautiful) 511 building into a gleaming Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design. It should be done by 2015.

But did you know the new buildiing will include a mid size black box theatre?

Aha. According to a PNCA employee, the 200-300 seat facility will be high quality and available to the community. For a city extremely short on higher end performance spaces, this could be quite a development for Portland theatre. Located among a growing school campus and within walking distance of thousands of high end Pearl dwellers, the North Parks Blocks is the kind of address a theatre company would kill for.

Depending on exactly how it all turns out, and PNCA’s vision for collaborating or hosting local theatres in their building, the as of yet unnamed space could instantly become one of the city’s most exciting venues.

So stay tuned.

Imagine strolling in here for some world class theatre.
Imagine strolling in here for some world class theatre.